Newborn Feeding Overnight

The reluctance to wake up your sleeping newborn child is completely understandable. Although, sleeping children looks so calm and peaceful during their sleep.

And a piece of time they take during crying seems like a serious crime for parents that why they have not let them sleep when they got that chance.

Nursing and caring for a newborn require patience and dedication too.

About Breastfeeding

The renowned American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) suggest that wake up your sleeping baby if they take sleep of 4 hours or more than that.

But here’s a question arises that why one need to wake newborn to feed so often? For getting the answer, go through the following points.


The tummy of the baby empties easily: everyone is aware of the fact that the baby only takes breast milk for a few months after delivery.

The milk contains certain compounds that can be easily digestible in the baby’s small stomach. Although, the smaller tummy gets easily empty in 4-5 hours.

Baby may snooze by hunger: Like an adult, babies too respond to hunger. They smack their lips, does rooting as well as suck their finger.

Besides these things, they cry loudly when their stomach is empty, and those things wake them up.

Newborn needs to obtain weight: For proper growth, development according to their age and making them disease-free needs appropriate newborn feeding overnight timing and pattern.

Mother needs to enhance their milk supply: feeding your newborn often cannot reduce the production of milk. However, it is beneficial for both of you.

You may reduce the production of milk you make if you will go for a long time without being milked.

Technique to follow

If the baby is feeling sleepy, put these exciting techniques at feeding time.

Feed the baby during REM sleep or an effective sleep period: one can easily recognize the REM sleep as during this sleep baby move their limbs, changes facial expression as well as flutter the eyelids.

Gradually draped the baby: if it does not work, then try to undress them as well.

Change the diaper: sing a song or rub hands and soles.

Hold the baby upright: this eventually causes to open their eyes and then wake a sleeping baby to eat.

Be sociable: sing and talk to your newborn and do eye contact.


It’s not that easy to turn a small baby into an adult; even it is harder than one thinks.

However, sometimes a newborn’s schedule of nursing and feeding feel like a chore, especially when it comes to their nutritional feeding pattern of your milk for their proper growth and development.

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