Not Wanting To Breastfeed Is Not Being Selfish

Giving birth to a baby is the happiest moment in the life of any mother. When a child is born and she hears the first cry, that very moment for her is mawkish.

When a child takes birth is not only him to be born but also give new life and reason for the parents to live life. Babies do make mothers happy.

The health and mental fitness of a child is very important to a mother. It is preferred that breastfeeding for newborns is the only way that can keep the child healthy. But some mothers are against it or deny breastfeeding.

Well, choosing not to breastfeed is not a simple sentence to be announced, mothers. There are several reasons behind the statement.

Breastfeeding and its benefits

Breastfeeding is considered the sole source of nutrition. It is very essential for newborn babies as it protects them from allergies and eczema and reduces the risk of viruses, urinary tract, and respiratory infections.

The risk of SIDS also gets lowered. The main advantages of breastfeeding include: –

  • Provides nutrition to body of babies
  • Important antibodies are present in milk
  • The risk of diseases gets reduced
  • Promotes a healthy weight
  • It makes children smarter.


But it might make a mother lose her weight. This can be a reason why mothers do not want to breastfeed milk.

However, this reason is not selfish. There is another reason too which can provoke a mother choosing not to breastfeed.

The mothers who choose not to breastfeed are not selfish but simply concerned. No mother wants her child to stay weak or ill. Everyone wants their babies to stay healthy.

There can be several reasons behind this but these moms are not selfish for sure. They love their child just like other mothers.

There can be many reasons why a mother does not want to breastfeed. It can include that she might not feel like lactating or might have some sort of infection or even her health is not stable.

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