Overall gift basket for new mom

Choosing a gift basket for a new mom is not a difficult task since she is likely to be in the best phase of her life and would love almost everything that you give her.

But if you are looking for things that a new mom would require to put in a new mom gift basket, then here are few ideas that you can take into account.

Essentials that a new mom would love

When it comes to a new mom, she probably will be having many stretch marks in her body, so one of the essentials at this moment would be a body oil that can help to reduce stretch marks.

Besides this, you can also include other soothing essentials like bath salt, mildly scented body butter, and shower gel. Make sure the perfume is not too overpowering else it would not be a good thing for the baby.

You can put in a t-shirt with a fancy quote

This is again something that a new mom would love. You can put in t-shirts with quotes like- “mama bear”, “new mom”, “best mom” and so on.

Just choose an oversized t-shirt so that she can use it immediately and not later on. You can put a matching t-shirt for the baby as well if you want.

Put some chocolates in the gift basket

When you are looking for ideas for a new mom gift basket, then make sure the list includes a few chocolates and cookies. She will be quite hormonal in this stage and would love some chocolates.

new momIf you have been wondering about “What do you put in a new mom gift basket?then here is a ready-made basket idea for you can straight away implement to give something to your friend or family who has recently become a mother.

  • Bathing items- shower gel, body butter bath salt
  • Body oil
  • Mama bear t-shirt
  • Chocolates
  • A greeting card
  • A photo from the day back when she was pregnant

Thus, if you have been looking for the best gift for new mom, then now you know what all you can give her to have a good impact on the situation and to make her happy.

If she is a close friend, then you can add some of her favourite items to the gift basket as well.

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