The Main Difference Between An Infant And A Child

Giving birth to a life is a wonderful experience, the first few years are the most important in a child’s life. In these few years, the child will learn a lot of things about his surroundings.

From the day the baby is born he starts exploring the new and wonderful world around him. There is a lot of things you should know when looking after an infant.

For that, you need to know the difference between an infant and a child.

The things you need to know about an infant

If you are a new mother, you too are learning a lot of things just like your newborn. Great care should be taken while looking after an infant. The first 28 days are the newborns crucial period.

Breast milk is the most precious thing that you can give your baby at this stage. It contains a lot of important things that are needed for the survival and health of your newborn.

Breastfeeding creates a bond between mother and child. At the infant stage, the baby can communicate only by crying.

You should be attending the baby 24/7 at the infant stage.

Development and growth of a newborn

Newborns grow very fast, slowly their nervous system is beginning to mature and they can communicate more. They can move their hands and legs faster and start to make a lot of cute sounds.

They start recognizing their parents and start reacting to sounds. They start to make facial expressions, make sounds when they are happy and kept entertained. They start exploring their toes and fingers.


Difference between infant and child

There is a lot of difference between a child and an infant. Infant vs child let’s look into the difference:

Infant – from the time the baby is born to two years of age. The first developing stages where the infants learn to communicate crawl and pick things and take the first steps. The infants need to be fed and nursed. He cannot do it on his own.

Child –from two to eleven years, growing to later stages the child learns to communicate properly, takes strong and sturdy steps, communicates more clearly.

And as he grows he also learns to do things on his own so constant attention is not needed; they learn to eat by themselves.  So slowly they start doing things more independently.


The journey from a newborn to a child is exciting for the child as well as the parents, so enjoy the beautiful gift and the happiness that comes along.

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